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Screenshot of the Seo Powersuite Website Auditor Full Reports
Seo Powersuite Website Auditor Full Reports

This software that I am reviewing is actually separated into four different parts. That is why I did four separate reviews for each part to cut down on the article length. This will give you an overview of what I said in the four sections of this software.

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SEO Powersuite


I was expecting to see the backlinks of the competitors here but this portion of the software goes over how you are doing in the link-building campaign, To have it find backlinks for you then you will have to open up the SpyGlass part of the software. This is the competition analysis part of the software.

However, this portion of the software provides you with a service that the monthly subscription-based services do not provide. That is the capability of keeping track of the work you do on obtaining the backlink, results of emailing them with a built-in email marketing campaign, and graph out the results for you. This is a nice option that you do not see very often with other services.

For just this one section of the software, I would rate this an 8.5 out of 10.

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Rank Tracker

While looking over the software, which I used to own before years and years ago, it was nice to see that they made a ton of improvements.

Although I would not trust the number of searches of the keyword phrases as to being accurate the tools offered in just this one part of the software will save me a lot of time. In my opinion, the numbers it comes up with for how often it is searched for is way lower than what it really is. It is nice to see that they incorporate clicks, impressions, and traffic from Google Search Console which is very accurate to use though.

The difficulty of ranking for each of the keyword phrases I was not impressed with at first (high and n/a popped up) because it pulled its data from Google AdWords so I was about to write it off as being inaccurate but in another area of the software I had actual numbers that the software used and compared it to a trusted source that I deemed accurate.

The excellent job of tracking your rankings over time is worth the money alone. Moz is starting its own rank tracker that is still in its infancy but will get better over time.

I was blown away at the resources for the keyword research tools. It was like the software knew exactly where I pulled my research from manually and provided it for me in one location that also auto-populated the stats for me instead of having me do it myself.

The competition resource section covers all of the basics but is lacking in some areas such as listing the specific backlinks that point to the website that Moz Open Site Explorer provides. When I checked out the LinkAssistant portion of this SaaS, unfortunately, it was not there either.

The domain strength portion of this software exceeds other SaaS that I used in the past and I will compare it to other SaaS that I will review later. One thing that I really liked is that it shows you how many pages are indexed by each search engine. With the URL I tested I found out that Google only has a small percentage of pages indexed when compared to the other search engines which tell me a major area to work on that will help tremendously that I missed before.

In the reports section of this software, it is laid out nice but I wish that you could create custom reports and add sections manually that you want to be done. With the number of searches per month for each keyword phrase, I would not want to send out that particular report.

For just this one section of the software, I would rate this a solid 9 out of 10.

SEO Spyglass

The SEO Powersuite program SEO Spyglass seems to be mostly focused on collecting information about the competitor’s backlinks. SpyFu seems to be the only one that also gives you pay per click campaign information.

For my testing in competition analysis and reviewing the SEO Spyglass, the only thing that was missing was pay-per-click data and when compared to the other SaaS services out there, excluding SpyFu, it rates a little better than the others because of its addition of being able to look up the history on all of the backlink data.

I review it a solid 9 out of 10. If it would have data on pay-per-click campaigns of the competitors it would have ranked a 10.

Website Auditor

Again, I am very impressed with how this software handles everything that a SaaS (software as a subscription) can handle plus give you a little more. With the addition of the IDF-IDF (which I have to admit I never heard of) plus the extra statistics that it shows you, along with the ability to export the stats into a .csv file if you want to organize it differently gives this rating a solid 10 out of 10!

Conclusion of SEO Powersuite

I used to have this software on a windows computer years ago and liked the tools on it but left it to the wayside when I switched to a Mac computer. Back then it was really nice but they updated it so much over the years and improved it that now it is much better. It was good to see that they were keeping up the trends with digital marketing and made improvements to the software.

SEO Powersuite gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee along with a free trial that you can download.

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SEO PowerSuite is available in Free, Professional and Enterprise versions. Six months of search algorithm updates are included in the Professional and Enterprise versions. After the six months expire, search algorithm updates are provided on a paid basis. Depending on the license type and the number of months you pay in advance, the fee can run as low as $8.89/mo.

The maintenance price will probably increase depending upon how much you use it as well, but the total price from what I can find online looks like it is still cheaper than the monthly SaaS (software as a service) out there.



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