I want to pull news from different websites on my website. Is that legal?

It is perfectly legal as long as it comes from a copyright-free website. Just look for the copyright info on that particular site to meet their conditions. For example, Wikipedia allows you to use their content as long as you include the sources and links that are associated with it.

Also, if the website has an RSS feed it is legal to place the RSS feed on your website. The new version of WordPress allows you to insert RSS feeds onto your website, but the links go directly to their website with the content and do not display the content on your website though.

Just read the policy of the website that you want to pull the news sources from to play it safe.

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How do I get unlimited organic traffic for my website? I want to drive real traffic or organic visitors.

Unlimited traffic would be a dream for everyone. The closest thing to unlimited traffic that I can think of is creating what I call ‘self-replicating’ links.

Self-replicating links are links that keep building and creating more links by themselves with little to no intervention from you.

A way to do this is to create a useful tool on your website. For example, on MTG Land Calculator you will find a calculator I created for the Magic the Gathering card game. Eventually, if people like the tool they will link to it and spread the word. I just checked and have zero backlinks to this page but then again I never mentioned or marketed it either. If I were to visit a few MTG forums and mention the calculator there then I am sure people would start linking to it.

Another way to help reach your goal is to make sure that you have like and share buttons on all of your web pages and blog posts. The more times it is shared the more chance of someone linking to your content and the more traffic you will get to your website. An example of this is an article I wrote on September 15th, 2020 for one of my customers located at Freight Solutions from US Special Delivery CB Codes and Slang. I just checked and this article was shared 743 times already but has no backlinks. Another article I wrote on February 23rd, 2017 over at How many trucking companies in the USA? – US Special Delivery shows 7851 shares and 19 backlinks.

With this all said adding useful, popular content is the best way to do this but there are many other factors you would have to utilize to get a lot of traffic to your website.

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My subdomain (Weebly) website has been verified by Google and I put in meta keywords, so why is it still not showing up in site: ?

Site: is a Google Search Operator that is used to see if Google indexed your website. It returns the pages for that website only. Using shared economic web hosting without your own domain is a big no-no is you want to rank. It also shows a lack of professionalism as well.

I used another Google Search Operator inurl: to run a quick test and found my first candidate which is an SEO site. I ran the site: Google Search Operator and found out that Google did list the pages of that Weebly website.

If you did the same for yours then Google hasn’t ‘discovered’ your website yet to index it and that is why you see no results. A quick way to get your website listed is to provide a link to your website from a website that already gets crawled and indexed by Google.

However, if you are looking for more traffic and ranks you will have to do a lot more to achieve that goal.

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How can one use web analytics to measure traffic from links when one does not control the destination website?

What you are asking is ‘Referrals’ to your website. Traffic analytics software will show you referrals. From there look at the referrals that are from other websites and there you will find your answer.

Any analytics program can help you with that. Your web hosting provider should give you access to monitor traffic to your website, such as Webalizer or AWStats. Google Analytics is the go-to option that is free and gives you tons of insights once you know how to use it.

The opposite is a little bit more tricky. Detecting what traffic goes from your website to another website. This is important to know if you have paid banners on your website. To give you an idea of how many clicks your banner gets that go to a website will help you determine how well that banner is doing. To find this out you add a little bit of code to the end of a link that looks like this.



Everything after the question mark (?) is a tracking code to help you find out the answers you need. Here is a link that helps you generate the tracking code that you need.

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What are the best ways to make a website seem bigger and more active or established?

To make your website ‘bigger’ and ‘more active’ tells me right away to start writing articles or blog posts to your website. By providing content you gain a sense of ‘authority’ that Google considers in its ranking algorithm. It also gives your website a sense of authority to make it look ‘bigger’. Adding a FAQ (frequently asked question) page also gives a sense of professionalism and authority to help you in this area as well. I would do some keyword research or visit areas like Answer the Public to get ideas on what people ask. Soon enough you will start gaining more traffic from the blog posts, articles, and FAQ page to give your website a more ‘established’ internet presence.

To make it more active I would provide a feed of your Facebook page and new stories that relate to your industry onto the home page of your website. The new version of WordPress allows you to display feeds from other websites but when people click on the links for the feeds it DOES NOT open in a new tab so you will have to install a ‘feed plugin’ to make it open in a new tab. Ideally, it would be nice if you can open the link into a new smaller window so that they can see your website in the background.

Why do this? Because you do not want people to visit another website then close the tab thinking they will go back to your website but it will be gone. Another thing to take note is to make sure that the feed that shows news of your industry does not show your competitors. You wouldn’t want to send people to your competitor’s site instead of yours. You can view the feed of what you want to use and see where their past feeds compromise lead to. If you use a plugin you can decide which posts go through and which ones not to display if you have the time. Otherwise, it can be done automatically for you.

Another way to make your website more ‘active’ is to install a forum where people can get together and discuss topics. This is only effective if you already get a lot of visitors to your website so I would put a hold on this until you do. I have found that popular posts have people leave comments and talk to each other a little bit that way.

Making the website more interactive with the general public is another way to make it more ‘active’ as well. Here is a Google Search on how to do this.

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