Video Testimonials

Here are some ‘Candid Camera’ style video testimonials that I took. The two reasons why I did it this way was because…

I wanted realism, there are too many other video testimonials out there that look like they were rehearsed from a script. Like an actor playing a part and I didn’t want that.
I also wanted the people to feel comfortable. When I had a large camera in there to do the job people stiffened up and everyone said, “Mike developed our website and did a professional job…” It looked really faked so I brought in a little digital camera handheld and caught people in a REAL moment by surprise.

So don’t mind the giddiness of the people, it just goes to show you that they are genuinely happy with my services.

Written Testimonials

Clear Passage of Gainesville, Florida

Race Driven of Escanaba, Michigan

US Special Delivery of Iron Mountain, Michigan

“This is awesome!! Thank you so much. Everyone keeps telling me how much they LOVE my website! I hope I will have a bunch of referrals for you soon.”
– Debi from Kool Kid Tunes

“Thank you SO MUCH! It’s like you just fixed a HUGE handicap to our business!”
– Caitlin from Morski Music

“Oh, you SO ROCK! Thanks!! I’ll renew soon then, & let you know when I do. Can I add you as a MySpace friend??”
– Kristi from Austin Texas Realtors

“Also I got my biggest (Million dollar plus!) client ever, based on a past client’s testimonial that you thought to put on my home page.”
– Kristi from Austin Texas Realtors

“Not sure how all this works, but you’re doing such a grand job…REALLY IMPRESSED WITH THIS LAST WORK..dummies like myself it might help to have a line about double clicking the date to find info..when I first click it just made the calendar larger..boy was I surprised to find all the other information just by accident… aren’t you glad you have us as a client.”
– Duane from One Community Through The Arts

“Michael, whatever your doing is working we are seeing increased order activity on this end for sure! keep up the good work! Tool sales which we were lacking somewhat have increased for sure, and parts orders which we always did good on have also increased.”
– Brian from NPH Power Tools

“Mike! You won’t believe it! A SECOND TV show called me up asking to do an interview they said they found me on the search engines!”
– Kristi from Austin Texas Realtors

“Thank you for your responses. We just had a board meeting last night and I was able to get some answers for you. Everyone is VERY pleased with the site so far!!”
– Jen from Integrative Health Resources

“Mr. Stone, you rock!”
– Kristi from Austin Texas Realtors

“Your the best Mike!”
– Debi from Kool Kid Tunes

“By the way, I was singing your praises a couple of weeks ago when the United Way of Dickinson County contacted me to see who did our website. They had checked out several and liked ours the best. I told them about you and about how happy we are with your work — I imagine they’ve already contacted you by now. Thanks, as always!”
– Julie from the United Way of Delta County

“You again have helped us out! Thanks so much! Have a great evening.”
– Julie from The Modern Woodsmith

“I cannot speak highly enough about Michael Rock and The Internet Presence. Michael crafted a website for us that met every need we could think of, and he continues to work closely with us to make changes and update information as needed. He is always quick to respond, and his creative ideas and technical knowledge help us do exactly what we need to do with our website. He’s fantastic!”
– Julie from the United Way of Delta County

“Hi Duane, You have one fantastic Web Site there and having a semblance of what it takes to put one together you have a very talented, artistic, Web designer. And you got one great deal there. I really like it. Your appeal to join the Braumart Center is very convincing; only if you have the Web Site viewers. I hope that someone can take that promotion to the general public. Maybe an all-encompassing production to get people to come and see it and maybe they will then get involved. The Haunted House segment was very good with the special font on the hyperlinks. And the photos always add to the enchantment. Well done, Duane.”
– Tom commenting about the One Community Through The Arts Web Site

“Michael – is a pleasure to work with he is timely, understands budget constraints, and has a great knowledge of SEO.”
– Steve from Travel Bays de Noc

“That looks sick it rocks you rock literally. Great job mike chuck says it looks insane you blew our minds we are so excited. What great service too!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!! Sent from my MOTOROLA ATRIX™ 2 on AT&T”
– Kiely from Nor-Fab Manufacturing

“When I needed help to design and create a website as a marketing tool, Michael Rock promptly returned my call and met with me to ascertain my goals. He listened to my suggestions and gave me valuable advice. My website, ninoegreen.com, was up and running in a matter of a few days, at a cost that was reasonable. I found Michael to be thoughtful, efficient and easy to work with. I highly recommend his services.
– Nino E. Green

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