Keyword Research

What keyword phrase do you want to rank for?

Choose the right keywords for your keyword research.

“We research your competitors and see every keyword they’ve ever bought on Google and every ad test they’ve run. See what they rank for and determine which rankings help them the most. Avoid the trial and error and make their successes your own!”

You don’t have to be super specific. For example, if you want to rank for ‘web hosting’ our keyword research will return up to hundreds of keyword phrases related to ‘web hosting’.

Here are some examples that would show up:

  • web hosting
  • web site hosting
  • website hosting
  • windows hosting
  • UNIX hosting
  • Linux hosting
  • SEO hosting
  • etc.

Once the keyword research is done you will get a report showing the most searched-for keyword phrases that have the least amount of competition. The lower the competition, the easier it will be to rank your website for that keyword phrase.

Questions. Everyone has them. Questions people ask the internet always come up when I do keyword research. Those questions that we find you can answer on your website to help your website rank in those areas too! If the question is popular enough and your answer is good enough Google may show your answer as a ‘snippet’ at the top of the SERP (search engine results page) which helps bring much visibility to your website.

Backlinks? Backlinks are links that you can get that are based on the best keyword phrase found from the research. How would you like to get a list of websites to get links from that will help you rank for your best keyword phrase? This report will give it to you!

Backlink Types: This report will also tell you what type of backlinks you should concentrate on to help you rank for your best keyword phrase from the report. Examples of backlink types can come from blogs, .gov/.edu websites, news sites, forums, affiliate links, directories, etc.

What’s included in the keyword research report?

  • The number of times per month each keyword phrase is searched for.
  • How hard it is to rank for each keyword phrase?
  • The keyword phrases will be color coded from green to red to get an idea quickly.
  • A percentage from 1 to 100 that the keyword phrase will get clicked on. (Organic CTR)
  • A short comment on what you would have to do to rank for each keyword phrase.
  • Questions people ask related to your keyword research theme.
  • Best backlinks available to you for the best keyword phrase.
  • Backlink types that you should concentrate on for linking to your website.
  • Observations from me on the underlying focus when doing the keyword research that will help you edit your website for maximum performance.

There you have it. With this report, you will get a list of the best keyword phrases to build your website around, a list of websites to get links from that will relate to your best keyword phrase, and what types of links you should get that will help you the best.

By the way, this information is also helpful if you want to do pay-per-click advertising.

Other services I provide are web design, web hosting, web marketing, and website maintenance.

Cost: $400

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