Reviewing SEO Powersuite LinkAssistant

It is very rare that you come across software without a subscription price, but LinkAssistant, which is a part of SEO Powersuite, is one of those software’s. Years ago I had LinkAssistant on my old windows computer and it was pretty good. Years later I revisited the software for my Mac and I was very pleased that they changed the software to be even better and keep up with the marketing trends of the times. Years ago it just had the tools you needed for your digital marketing campaign but now it has suggestions, keeps track of emails, and everything you need for your SEO project.

Prospects to Find and Keep Track Of

The first thing that showed up is ‘Prospects’ where you can list potential linking partners and keep tabs on them. At first, it looked like you have to enter them manually and that it cannot come up with a list for you. You could enter them manually but I found out that the SEO Powersuite SpyGlass version of that does that for you. Check it out below! I haven’t come across a software or SaaS (software as a service) that includes all of these yet. Although, I am still testing.

Screenshot of finding prospects and keep track of them in SEO Powersuite
SEO Powersuite LinkAssistant Search for Prospects
A different Screenshot of finding prospects and keep track of them in SEO Powersuite
SEO Powersuite LinkAssistant Prospects

Send Emails from LinkAssistant

This screenshot shows where it keeps track of emails sent back and forth where you can set up the settings as a template. This is nice that you can keep track of the replies of only these emails in one place.

A screenshot of SEO Powersuite LinkAssistant Email Prospects
SEO Powersuite LinkAssistant Email Prospects

A Browser that is within LinkAssistant

The browser tab was just that a browser. I guess it’s useful for making it easier to look up contact information so that you don’t have to flip back and forth.

Screenshot of SEO Powersuite LinkAssistant Browser
SEO Powersuite LinkAssistant Browser

Domain Strength Research

Under this section, the software goes over the current status of your website that includes its own grade of your domain, traffic, backlinks, no-follow or follows, how many pages are indexed, social media popularity, and more. This is also viewable on the Rank Tracker.

Screenshot of SEO Powersuiter LinkAssistant Domain Strength
SEO Powersuiter LinkAssistant Domain Strength

Reports from LinkAssistant

The reports here go over how you are doing with your prospects for contacting them and graphs it out for you. Then the next report goes over the stats of the backlinks detailing many things like DoFollow or NoFollow, root domain, country of origin, anchor texts used, c-blocks, etc. The final report that is generated shows the domain strength of the website as detailed above.

This is a nice addition that not all services have. I do not believe Mangools has this but Moz does. Moz allows you to custom create the reports to send out while SEO Powersuite you cannot custom create the reports but send them out as they are.

I can customize the report by picking and choosing what to display in the report so that I can customize it to each individual customer that only wants these details or those details.

Screenshot of the SEO Powersuite LinkAssistant Reports
SEO Powersuite LinkAssistant Reports


I was expecting to see the backlinks of the competitors here but this portion of the software goes over how you are doing in the link-building campaign, To have it find backlinks for you then you will have to open up the SpyGlass part of the software. This is the competition analysis part of the software.

However, this portion of the software provides you with a service that the monthly subscription-based services do not provide. That is the capability of keeping track of the work you do on obtaining the backlink, results of emailing them with a built-in email marketing campaign, and graph out the results for you. This is a nice option that you do not see very often with other services.

For just this one section of the software, I would rate this an 8.5 out of 10.

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SEO PowerSuite is available in Free, Professional and Enterprise versions. Six months of search algorithm updates are included in the Professional and Enterprise versions. After the six months expire, search algorithm updates are provided on a paid basis. Depending on the license type and the number of months you pay in advance, the fee can run as low as $8.89/mo.

The maintenance price will probably increase depending upon how much you use it as well, but the total price from what I can find online looks like it is still cheaper than the monthly SaaS (software as a service) out there.



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