Reviewing SEO Powersuite Website Auditor

The website auditor from SEO Powersuite not only gives you the basic details on how you rank, number of links, etc. it also puts together a few tools that help you generate content and examine your existing content.

Website Auditor Structure Audit

You get to examine your own website for improvement. Here is all that it does.

  • Indexing and Crawlability
    • Server errors, robots.txt, and sitemap
  • Redirects
    • Permanent, Temporary, Canonical, etc.
  • Encoding and Technical Factors
    • Mobile-Friendly, Page Structure, WC3 Checkup
  • URLs
    • Dynamic and Length
  • Links
    • Broken, excessive, DoFollow
  • Images
    • Broken, Missing Alt Tags
  • On-Page
    • Meta information only
  • Localization

With the site audit, it will find server errors, word count, tags, internal and external code resources, count 302 redirects, Find duplicate meta descriptions, count the link on the website internal, external, and click link depth.

Screenshot of Seo Powersuite SEO Spyglass Website Auditor
Seo Powersuite SEO Powersuite Website Auditor

Content Analysis Of Your Website

All of the data below can be exported to a .csv file as well if you prefer to input it into a custom report of yours or if you have a dashboard created to import the data into.

Keyword Map and Page Audit

The site-auditor has a keyword map that you can import your keywords from Rank Tracker and it will show you which pages it thinks it relevant too. The Rank Tracker lets you know exactly which pages each keyword phrase ranks for.

Screenshot of the Seo Powersuite Content Analysis
Seo Powersuite Website Auditor Content Analysis

Content Editor

With the content editor, you can view all of the details of the page, make the changes for optimizing your page, then export the file so that you can upload it to your website. The Network Solutions shopping cart that I work with on with the client you cannot edit online because their editor is so flawed that it moves the cursor 6 to 10 spaces where it isn’t supposed to be and it is so easy to make a mistake there. That is why whenever I want to edit a page from this particular content editor I do it in Dreamweaver then copy and paste the code online. It is really nice to see that this software has the ability to do the same in case you don’t have something like Dreamweaver to work with.

The software’s content editor also gives you little bits of advice on how to modify the page to help out with the search engines.

Screenshot of the Seo Powersuite Content Editor
Seo Powersuite Website Auditor Content Editor

TF-IDF from the Website Auditor

The TF-IDF is information retrieval, TF–IDF or TFIDF, short for term frequency-inverse document frequency, is a numerical statistic that is intended to reflect how important a word is to a document in a collection or corpus. I never have seen this in other Softwares or SaaS services. The closest thing that I saw was using a counting tag cloud to try and give you an idea of what the page is about. Unless you incorporate AI Intelligence any system will have flaws in it. Why do you think Google purchased that AI company?

Regardless, this system is a step above any tag cloud system that I saw elsewhere and it lists the keywords and gives you recommendations on which keywords to use to optimize the page with.

Screenshot of the Seo Powersuite Website Auditor TF-IDF
Seo Powersuite Website Auditor TF-IDF

Website Auditor Generated Reports

You can generate and send out reports for yourself or the customer here as well. The reports cover a summary, details, and TF-IDF results.

Screenshot of the Seo Powersuite Website Auditor Reports
Seo Powersuite Website Auditor Reports

Domain Strength Research

The domain strength screen is the same as the other portions of the website.

Under this section, the software goes over the current status of your website that includes its own grade of your domain, traffic, backlinks, no-follow or follows, how many pages are indexed, social media popularity, and more.

Screenshot of the Seo Powersuite Website Auditor Domain Strength
Seo Powersuite Website Auditor Domain Strength

Generated Reports to Share

This gives you generated reports on everything in this section that you can share with your co-workers or the customer. The report includes all of the details that are mentioned above.

This is a nice addition that not all services have. I do not believe Mangools has this but Moz does. Moz allows you to custom create the reports to send out while SEO Powersuite you cannot custom create the reports but send them out as they are.

I can customize the report by picking and choosing what to display in the report so that I can customize it to each individual customer that only wants these details or those details.

Screenshot of the Seo Powersuite Website Auditor Full Reports
Seo Powersuite Website Auditor Full Reports


Again, I am very impressed with how this software handles everything that a SaaS (software as a subscription) can handle plus give you a little more. With the addition of the IDF-IDF (which I have to admit I never heard of) plus the extra statistics that it shows you, along with the ability to export the stats into a .csv file if you want to organize it differently gives this rating a solid 10 out of 10!

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SEO PowerSuite is available in Free, Professional and Enterprise versions. Six months of search algorithm updates are included in the Professional and Enterprise versions. After the six months expire, search algorithm updates are provided on a paid basis. Depending on the license type and the number of months you pay in advance, the fee can run as low as $8.89/mo.

The maintenance price will probably increase depending upon how much you use it as well, but the total price from what I can find online looks like it is still cheaper than the monthly SaaS (software as a service) out there.



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