Why It’s Important to Monitor Your Website Visitors

If you take care to examine the patterns of the people visiting you site you can turn them into customers easier by giving them what they want.

Some goals you may have is to . . .

  • Buy a Product
  • Buy a Service
  • Download an Ebook
  • Fill Out a Contact Form
  • etc.

In all marketing programs and books I have read and with personal experience people will visit your site 7 to 8 times before making a move and that is because the choices out there on the internet are immense so it is very important to provide them what they are looking for and you can do that by examining their habits when they visit your site.

You can use your web stats to examine what pages they visit, how long they visit, what keyword phrase they typed in to get to your site, etc.

Since people on average visit your website 7 or 8 times before making a decision it is unwise to try to force a conversion (buy a product, fill out a form, etc.) right away because you will scare them away. Just give them what they are looking for then let them come to you after giving them an offer on your website.

After your website visitor do make the conversion it is very important to follow up with them and build a relationship with them. When you do this you will gain a loyal customer that will stay with you longer and recommend you to others. Just by doing this you can make your customer base exponentially.






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