The Difference Between Interruption and Inbound Marketing

Interruption Marketing is advertising that interrupts what you are doing such as TV commercials, online ‘pop up’ and ‘pop under’ windows. More examples would be bulletin boards along the road, magazine ads, telemarketing calls, etc.

Interruption Marketing is effective when used repetitively, but can be very expensive. Since I do not like unwanted marketing thrown in my face I prefer Inbound Marketing so let me explain this a bit further.

Inbound Marketing provides marketing information to people that are already looking for it. For example someone types in the search engine ‘web marketing’ and the organic search results pop up and the sponsored ads on the side and along the top show up displaying ads relevant to your search engine search. In this case the person is looking for the information that is displayed in front of him/her.

Examples of Inbound Marketing include Pay Per Click (PPC), Organic SEO, Blogging, Social Media Marketing (SMM), Newsletters that you sign up for, etc.

While Interruption Marketing costs much more and is available right away it takes great repetition before you get good conversion rates. On the other hand Inbound Marketing has a low cost to start with but will take awhile before it gains momentum to get good conversion rates, but when the momentum is there and maintained it will be easier to get the conversions that you want.






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