Steps to Begin Your Online Marketing on a Budget

Here is a simplified breakdown on what you can do if you are on a limited budget for your online inbound marketing.

  • Identify Your Target Audience
    • How much do they make?
    • How old are they?
    • What is their buying behavior?
    • Are they small, medium, or a big business?
    • Do they work for someone else?
    • What hobbies do they have?
      • Do they read online?
      • Do they listen podcasts?
  • Do Keyword Research
    • Do research on Google AdWords
      • Check traffic keyword phrases get
      • Check amount of competition keyword phrases get
      • Use WordStream
    • Do research on
    • Do research on Ubersuggest
    • Do research on SEMRush
    • Related/Suggestions given when you do searches on the search engines
    • Test out about 50 or so keyword phrases in Google AdWords to see the results
  • Competition Analysis
    • What keyword phrases do your competitors use?
    • Can you get it from the deprecated keyword meta tag?
    • Read their blogs to see what they focus on
  • Find influencers that can help build links to your website by suggesting you
    • Find bloggers of the same interest/focus
    • Look at twitter users talking about the same thing
    • Share your information with them
    • Ask them to guest blog
    • Use followerwonk in
  • Tweak your website to the results you find out from your Google AdWords experience
  • Blog about the interests that your target audience is interested in






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