My Review of DIIB

I came to DIIB in an ad, I think it was a Facebook ad, that showed me an analytics page and short description so I emailed myself a reminder to go look at it later.

DIIB Reviews

It wasn’t until a week or so later until I found the time to take a closer look at it. Since I already use Moz and Spyfu I wasn’t really looking around for another paid subscription. Moz and Spyfu are excellent resources that I have used to help with my marketing for years and I always bragged them up or suggested them whenever the situation proposed itself.

When I first looked at DIIB I was wondering if this was another half-ass program that compiles synced data and outputs generalizations for you. I was pleasantly surprised that I was wrong!

Of course, I only had limited access right away and what I saw intrigued me and wondered if the paid version would be worth the money. I toyed around with it and added a couple of sites to get a feel for it and did not expect it to go past the free version. Then I received an email that I had a free trial for full access for three days. Now three days is not much but I happened to be caught up with work for the day so I tried it out.

Three days of full-access use is actually a pretty good marketing idea. If you are given a week or more people will think that they will have more time to look at it later and ultimately not get around to it. But making the trial three days long only gets people to look at it right away. This impressed me and told me that this company understood marketing right away. I know that a decreased trial time will give them higher conversion rates for people to try their software.

Here is my experience with DIIB

I signed up, entered a couple of websites, synced in Google Analytics, Google My Business, and Facebook then it generated the information right away.

Google Analytics Sync

It calculated everything from Google Analytics compared to timed Google algorithm updates which really was a great surprise for me. I received an email stating how my visitors went either up or down right after the algorithm update, a definition quoted from a trusted source I know (Danny Sullivan) on what the Google algorithm was all about and gave suggestions on how to improve the website after the algorithm change. WOW!

Here is a portion of the email below:

Hi Michael,

Danny Sullivan via Twitter, notified people June 7th, 2019 that Google finished rolling out a “June Core Algorithm Update”. This update was significant, especially among many news, finance, and medical websites.

Your organic traffic declined 20% immediately following this update so it is very possible you were impacted. Right now, we are advising Diib® members to not make any dramatic changes. Often Google makes big changes and then lessens them over the next 15-60 days.

On a positive note, we have seen multiple high quality and authoritative websites that were impacted after the March 19th update recently…

In the ‘Alerts’ section of DIIB’s dashboard, this is mentioned.

We have found 3 potentially bad backlink(s) pointing to your website. Let’s consider disavowing them.

DIIB actually examined the backlinks and calculated the spam score which I used to do manually through Moz, then gave you DETAILED instructions on how to take care of the problem. Also, it gave you detailed information on why it should be done along with examples.

Facebook Sync

The syncing with Facebook brought in the data from Facebook Insights. If you are like me you know that going over the data in Facebook Insights involves a lot of bouncing around and comparing notes. DIIB did something much better! It gave you the insights, told you what you were doing, and suggested how you should change what you are doing to improve things. An excerpt from the DIIB control panel where ‘Alerts’ is found is below.

On average you post more on Monday. Your best days to post are Thursday, Friday, Wednesday.

61% of your Facebook followers are female, but your posts are getting more likes from males.

Your last post on Facebook was at 4 pm, you may want to consider posting closer to 10 pm, which is when more your followers are usually online.

WOW AGAIN! Just a glance tells you what you should be doing to improve yourself. DIIB is geared toward the beginner on how to improve their website but has the functionality and expertise of professional advice and data to use.

Google My Business Sync

The syncing of Google My Business imports the data of posts that were made and whether or not you should post more, what to write about, and what is trending right now. Impressive to say the least!

This is what DIIB looks like


This has a great overview, but Moz and Google Analytics do the same thing, but it is nice that everything is all laid out in front of you letting you know how you are doing at a glance.

Overview of DIIB
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Site Dashboard

Nice synopsis of what needs to be done laid out in front of you and ‘Fix Now’ buttons that give you detailed steps on how to do it.

DIIB's Site Dashboard
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Very impressed with how things are laid out, suggestions, and tutorials (written and video) on how to do these things. Also, they calculate how much of an increase in revenue you would receive when you make these changes.

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Very impressed again with the alerts that pop up which helps you save time hunting down and analyzing the data from different sources in order to figure out these alerts. DIIB also goes over explicit details on what to do with these alerts and why they should be done.

DIIB's Alerts
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Social Analytics

This is what the Facebook Insights data shows. It is nice that it is available in one place. Also, it suggests when are the best days and times to post which is helpful. Otherwise, you would have to move back and forth on Facebook to get the data that is automatically calculated for you right here.

Social Analytics
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Data Channels

This is where you connect your Facebook, Google Analytics, and Google My Business accounts. All the information from all three is available in DIIB which helps save time.

Data Channels
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Website Profile

Here is the short inputted data to help DIIB come up with its analytics score. If you make a mistake when first setting it up or need to update something it is nice that you can edit it here.

Website Profile
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Answer Engine Help

FAQs and contact information is here in case you need help.

DIIB's Answer Engine Help
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In Conclusion

DIIB is a strong force that is taking on the big boys. It’s simple, easy-to-follow instructions, explanations of the ‘why’ behind the scenes, and professional data recommendations from trusted sources that I know from experience to be sound makes this marketing software WELL WORTH THE MONEY.

Beyond the trial period, depending upon the amount of traffic the plans usually fall between $9.99/month to $29.99/month. I would jump on the bandwagon and sign up right away because this is well worth the money to start using right away.


You should know that the links for DIIB are affiliate links but Moz and Spyfu are not. I would HIGHLY recommend all three services and using affiliate links has nothing to do with how I feel about their services. This is an honest review of DIIB and I love their service, but I thought you should know.



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14 responses to “My Review of DIIB”

  1. Jide Avatar

    Good read until i saw the affiliate link.


    1. Michael Rock Avatar

      Hi Jide, I also link to Moz and SpyFu but they are not affiliate links. It makes sense that I recommend all three all of the time that I might as well get payback for that. But you brought up a good point, I should add a note about that.

    2. Martin Avatar

      So what. Good services should be promoted.

      1. Michael Rock Avatar

        Hi Marin, I can understand Jide. Whenever I see a recommendation with an affiliate link I do a double-take on the article as well. I would only recommend products and services that I approve of and link out to products and services that I approve of that are not affiliate links as well.

  2. Michael Rock Avatar

    12/6/2019 Update
    I’m still using DIIB and was surprised to learn that I started ranking in a few keyword phrases of a subdomain of a website that was missed in my other software so I am now exploring marketing that new avenue and came up with a few ideas. I did not have my other software settings to detect subdomains and only the root domain.

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  4. Rodrigo Avatar

    So, the advantage of diib is basically practical. It helps to gain working time by organizing the presentation of the data that other tools already give us. So what we should evaluate is if the monthly fee is worth the time it saves us.

    1. Michael Rock Avatar

      Rodrigo, don’t also forget that it gives you advice on what to do next and step-by-step instructions if you are a beginner. SEMRush and other software also import data from multiple sources as well. But they are more geared to the SEO professional.

      1. Rodrigo Avatar

        You’re right Michael. But as I’ve been working in SEO for a long time. This does not seem to be the solution for me unfortunatelly. But I always look for software recommendations that help make the life of SEO professionals a little easier! 🙂

        1. Michael Rock Avatar

          Then I would recommend SEMRush or Moz for the more seasoned SEO.

  5. Michal Avatar

    Very nice and practical tool. The dashboard is very easy to understand
    and the app gives tons of useful knowledge.

  6. Don Avatar

    Hi everyone
    I was doing my research on SEMRush and compared it to DIIB but still can not decide yet, we run a clothing brand so would love to hear everyone’s opinions on which one to use?

    Regardless of the cost, I’m looking for the most simplistic way to improve Google Facebook ads and website performance under one knowledge-based so in a nutshell, what do you all think???

    1. Michael Rock Avatar

      If you are going to do Google Ads then you should check out Spyfu (Google Ads is their specialty) or SEMRush (they have a PPC Toolkit). Ahrefs you can track your PPC ads also, but SEMRush goes a step forward. Spyfu specialize in PPC ads so I would choose them.

      1. Michael Rock Avatar

        I forgot to mention that DIIB does not do much with paid ads and is geared toward people just getting into SEO.

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