Mangools vs. Moz (A Mangools Review)

Quick Overview of Moz vs. Mangools (Pros and Cons)


  • Moz has an on-page grader which Mangools does not have.
  • Moz has Rank Checker which a new version is coming out in October that may compete with Mangools SERPwatcher which is superior.
  • Moz has an on-demand crawl that is new that crawls your website, finds things wrong with it, then makes suggestions on what to do. Mangools does not.
  • Moz has Fresh Web Explorer which is comparable to Google Alerts to help find mentions of anything you want online. Mangools does not have this. (I personally use Google Alerts even Moz’s Fresh Web Explorer is a beefed-up version of Google Alerts.)
  • Moz has ‘campaigns’ set up to keep your customers organized Mangools does not.
  • Moz has ‘automated reports’ that can be sent out to customers detailing how they are doing that Mangools does not.
  • Moz recently upgraded Moz Local (to help get your business information out there and rank locally) which has become much better.


  • Mangools has a better laid out Backlink Analysis (LinkMiner) than Moz which seems to be more accurate after doing some manual research.
  • Mangools has a better Website Analysis (SiteProfiler) that Moz has parts not included that shows up in SiteProfiler. More details below.
  • Mangools Keyword Research (KW Finder) has all of the things that Moz has but a little more and a little better laid out. It made me do a double-take wondering if Mangools is more accurate than Moz. After research, it was discovered that it may be.
  • Mangools SERP Analysis (SERPChecker) is something that Moz does not have which offers tools that would be very helpful for clients that want to rank in specific areas. More details below.
  • Mangools Rank Tracking (SERPWatcher) has a very thought out and useful tool that Moz has been struggling with, but Moz is bringing out an upgraded version in October to check out that may be able to compete with SERPWatcher.
  • 12/4/2019 Update: Mangools also lets you import data from Google Search Console and the SERPs (search engine results pages)

Pricing Comparison:

$49/month (KW 100/month)($29.90/month if purchased by the year. $229.20)
$69/month (KW 500/month)($39.90/month if purchased by the year. $349.20)
$129/month (KW 1,200/month)($79.90/month if purchased by the year. $589.20)

$99/month (5 campaigns)(KW 150/month)($79/month if purchased by the year $950)
$179/month (10 campaigns)(KW 5,000/month)($143/month if purchased by the year $1719)
$249/month (25 campaigns)(KW 15,000/month)($199/month if purchased by the year $2390)
$599/month (50 campaigns)(KW 30,000/month)($479/month if purchased by the year $5750)


Mangools is much cheaper but Moz has more searches and reports that you can use with your clients. I will rack up over 1,000 keyword phrases for one customer and with Mangools I would have to wait another month before I can do keyword research for another customer and I usually run 3 or 4 reports a month. You could of course pay for an upgrade which will give you more options.

Too bad Mangools doesn’t have Moz’s automated generated reports, but for the single website owner then Mangools would be the pick. For an SEO Company with several customers then Moz would be the pick.

Needless to say for a SaaS that I never heard of (but I have heard of their tool KWFinder) I was very impressed with what they had to offer, how well it was laid out, and how user-friendly it is. I would highly recommend using these tools for a single business and if Mongools decides to take this further where you can use for multiple customers then it would give Moz a run for its money. For more detailed reviews read below.

Mongools Detailed Tool Reviews

SERPWatcher Review

Rank Tracking
This is a really nice thing to have that Moz has had trouble with in the past. Moz made a version of it that they almost pulled from their services but too many Moz users didn’t want that to happen to they didn’t pull it. With SERPWatcher you can keep track of rankings for specific keywords for specific locations using specific devices that Moz could not do. Being able to check your rankings over time in specific locations was VERY impressive, to say the least! It helps give the marketer an overview of how they are doing in any location to give them an idea of what areas to concentrate on and make improvements.

SERPChecker Review

Moz does not have a SERPChecker.
Mongools SERPChecker has a very nice layout with SERPs that you can filter by a specific country, a specific city, laptop SERPs or mobile device SERPs to see how a customer ranks!
This little feature and tool make it very nice to show how a customer ranks in different cities. Right now I had to write a custom Google Analytics report to show this and Mongools takes care of it for you with its SERPChecker tool.

SiteProfiler Review

SiteProfiler shows backlinks over time which is a really nice reference to use that Moz does not have. By looking at the stats of your backlinks over time you are able to see trends on what part of your marketing campaign worked. Did you all of a sudden get a large number of links to your website at the same time you introduced a new tool on your website? Etc.

SiteProfiler has a very impressive website analyzer that is comparable to Moz but SiteProfiler has a few extras and is laid out nicer and is easier to glance over and read when compared to Moz’s.

Overview Tab – Some extra stats are displayed on the overview that uses Majestic’s Citation Flow and Trust Flow (Moz does not display these additional stats), SiteProfiler has nice charts for quick reference, Facebook shares, and referring IPs is great. Although I would never trust the Alexa numbers.

Backlinks Tab – Same type of data as Moz’s but seems to be more accurate. I did a manual search for backlinks to find out why the numbers did not match up between Moz and SiteProfiler then discovered that SiteProfiler picked up more backlinks that Moz has missed!

Top Content Tab – Same type of data as Moz’s but shows a snapshot of the website and easy-to-use buttons to view more detailed information. This is very helpful for the beginner.

Competitors Tab – In Moz, you have to enter a competitor to compare while SiteProfiler picks the best competitors. Spyfu also picks the best competitors for you as well (Spyfu is a SaaS that I use for competition analysis for my customers). This is nice that you don’t have to do research to come up with the best competitors and saves you time. The one thing that I don’t like about this is that you have to manually enter in the data for multiple sites into a spreadsheet. I do this so that I can compare the competitors on one page. A minor inconvenience.

SiteProfiler does not have the page grader or spam score that Moz has which is too bad.

LinkMiner Review (Backlink Analysis)

The filtering system of the backlinks is a little better than Moz. With a better filtering system, you can quickly tell what type of backlinks are popular. For example, if you find that backlinks from discussion forums seem to be in the lead then you can concentrate your marketing efforts in forums.

When you click on the link it shows a display of the website to the right for a quick glance which is really nice. You save time having to open up another tab to see if the site looks ‘spammy’ or not.

When compared to Moz the backlinks is pretty close except for the total number of backlink which was off by millions. Why? was listed in LinkMiner but not Moz after looking at the source code I found it there! So kudos to LinkMiner for finding a backlink that Moz could not find!

Instead of domain authority and page authority, they use citation flow and trust flow. As long as you use these stats for comparison then there will be no problem.

KWFinder Review

Nice! KWfinder has the keyword phrase, trends (super nice!), search, CPC (cost per click), PPC (pay per click), and KD (keyword difficulty). Moz does not currently give you the cost per click or pay per click value of its keyword phrase. I usually have to import the keyword phrases into my Spyfu account to do this. By using the KWFinder tool this saves me a lot of time if one of my digital marketing customers has a Google AdWords campaign.

The keyword phrases can be sorted by related, autocomplete, and questions which is very helpful. Especially sorting by questions. You can get a general idea of what your target audience is asking about then answer their questions on your website to help gain even more traffic and customers.

KWFinder gives you search data for the last 5 years! This is phenomenal for me! I always kept track of keyword searches for each keyword phrase to compare to the year before to see if it is still popular. With KWFinder you can see the search data for a particular keyword phrase for the last 5 years!

When compared to Moz KD (keyword difficulty) it was pretty close. An average of -1.91 off. I entered in the results data from both into a spreadsheet, compared them, then examined them to test the accuracy of both.

When comparing both of their definitions of difficulty by each of their own scores and comparing colors that I have in my spreadsheet that show easier to rank keyword phrases the results were still close. This means Mongools ranking difficulty is very close to Moz’s ranking difficulty which I have found to be very accurate.

When compared to Moz for the number of searches for the same keyword phrase the results were way off. An average of 36,440 off. This was very disconcerting.

When doing research for the phrase ‘floor tiles’ KWFinder said there were 201,221 searches and Moz reports 7,901 searches for the same keyword phrase. Hmmm, is KW Finder more accurate? Or is it not?

The KWFinder CPC, when compared to Google AdWords, was an average of 18 cents off. Results were taken within 10 minutes of each other. Since the cost per click can sometimes change as frequently as the stock market. I’m not sure what API they use in KWFinder but whatever it is, it is very accurate.

There you have it! My in-depth review of Mongools!

Disclaimer: I have set up an affiliate link for Mongools because I was that impressed with their SaaS (software as a service). I would not have set one up if I didn’t think they deserved it.



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