How do I make sure that the Google automated crawlers (or bots) are able to find my website and index the content?

  1. Make sure you create a sitemap.
  2. Add your site to Google Search Console and tell them where to find the sitemap.
  3. Update the content of your website from time-to-time. If Google crawls your website and sees that no changes were made it will take a little longer to come back and check it again whereas if Google finds changes it will come back more often.
  4. Promote siloing and internal linking. An example of this is writing a detailed page about web hosting. Then create sub-pages (Windows Hosting and Unix Hosting) that are linked to within the content of the main page (web hosting).
  5. Have other websites point to (link) to the internal pages of your website. When they find a link on another website to yours they will follow that link and start indexing that page.



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