How can a site like Google have constant, intense web traffic and maintain near 100% uptime, but then when Star Wars tickets go online none of the theaters can handle the traffic even though they knew they’d be busy?

Because they have money and lots of it! They have so many servers to help take care of the traffic it is not even funny!


When Google first released Google Analytics to the public for free (which used to cost a few hundred dollars per month from where they bought it from) Google’s own servers crashed after a couple of days and they had to do have sign-ups for Google Analytics by invite-only until they could get their server resources up again.

How do I make sure that the Google automated crawlers (or bots) are able to find my website and index the content?

  1. Make sure you create a sitemap.
  2. Add your site to Google Search Console and tell them where to find the sitemap.
  3. Update the content of your website from time-to-time. If Google crawls your website and sees that no changes were made it will take a little longer to come back and check it again whereas if Google finds changes it will come back more often.
  4. Promote siloing and internal linking. An example of this is writing a detailed page about web hosting. Then create sub-pages (Windows Hosting and Unix Hosting) that are linked to within the content of the main page (web hosting).
  5. Have other websites point to (link) to the internal pages of your website. When they find a link on another website to yours they will follow that link and start indexing that page.

Why does Google have the “Are you a Robot” check? How does it work? What is its purpose?

To keep out spambots. Spambots can detect forms and fill it with spam garbage or worse yet collect your email address it gets sent to in the form then send a ton spam to your email address as well.

The “are you a robot” checkbox has to be manually done and keeps out most of the spambots.

What’s the 2nd page of Google like?

A vast wasteland that hardly anyone visits unless you are on a mobile phone then it is just continuous scrolling. HAHA

A long time ago in a land far, far, away you wanted to get your website ranked in the first three pages of Google but then the wizards of the land became so good that you had to be on the first page of Google because everyone started finding what they needed on the first page only. Then the wizards got better yet and you have to rank ‘above the fold’ on the first page of Google.

Above the fold means seeing the SERPs (search engine results pages) without having to scroll.