What is the best way to get some traffic initially to a website?

It really depends upon what type of website you have in order to tell you which way would be the most effective for your particular type of website and business.

But, I start out all of my marketing clients by doing these four things.

  1. Create and optimize their Google My Business account.
  2. Create and optimize their business information through Moz Local.
  3. Create/Claim their Facebook Page.
  4. Hook up a Google Analytics account.

These three things combined will make your website and business more accessible to the public and increase your localized rankings by taking a NAP (name, address, phone).

Once you have these three things set up I would highly advise you using new online software that I currently use for all of my customers called DIIB.

DIIB provides an analysis of your website and combines the stats from the four steps I outlined above to give you easy step-by-step directions on what you need to do to bring more traffic to your website.

After that, I would write original content that helps your visitors that is related to your business/website. Then share your helpful content to social media accounts like Facebook, Google My Business, Instagram, etc.

This is the best starter/base way to initially drive traffic to your website. Then if you want to dig deeper than that I would need to know what type of website you have, what type of business you have, what your goal objectives are, etc. so that I could give you better specifics on how to do this.



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