Keyword Research Reports: How much are they worth?


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Keyword Research Reports

Of course, I already did keyword research on ‘keyword research reports’ out there but all that tells me is that there is an interest out there of people looking to buy specific keyword research reports.

But, how much do people think it’s worth? How much are people willing to pay? I’ve done a little test and performed a free keyword research report and have given it away to one of my customers for free but I feel it was the wrong target audience. Why? Because she was not really looking for or needing a keyword research report. I received valuable insight on what she thought of the report herself and got her input on how much she thought it was worth but the dollar amount would not be accurate because she was not looking for or needing the keyword research report. Obviously, it would be worth more to people who were looking for it in the first place!

On average a report would cost $300 to $400 worth of labor. I enjoy doing these reports and get thrilled when discovering what people are thinking about certain topics, what is popular, and what areas they are popular in, etc. so I thought what if I were to do reports on certain subjects and sell them online for less? Would an interest be out there? The answer is yes but I was limited on what they expected or what they were willing to pay for one. If you have a dollar amount in mind please share it in the comments below.

First of all, what is the target audience of people wanting keyword research reports?

  • Business owners who want to learn what interests the general public for what they have to offer.
    • For example, they could jump on new trends that are just taking off and market to those people.
  • People who create Google Ads or other PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns.
    • For example, they could tell if they are wasting money on keyword phrases that they are bidding that people are not searching for. (Plus the report will tell you the ‘value’ of each keyword phrase as well.)
  • Web Developers (not designers) who want to layout the website properly.
    • For example, if they knew what people are asking online they could create an FAQ page to answer their questions.
    • Or, if they see a trend on what people are looking for they can set up the navigation layout of the website to match.
  • Advertisers
    • For example, if they knew what keyword phrases are typed into Google the most they could design an ad to match what they are looking for.
  • Any other type of people you can think of? If so, leave it in the comments below.

If you are interested, this page on keyword research gives you more details on what is included in the report. After all you would need to know all that is included before putting a price tag on it right?

In short, this is what these reports would include:

  • Questions that would get answered:
    • What keyword phrases are related to your website?
    • What keyword phrases are searched for the most?
    • Which keyword phrases are the easiest to rank for?
    • What questions do people ask that is related to your website?
    • What websites should you get links from based on your keyword phrase?
    • What type of links should you get related to your best keyword phrase?
  • What would be included in the reports:
    • The number of times per month each keyword phrase is searched for.
    • How hard it is to rank for each keyword phrase.
      (The keyword phrases will be color coded from green to red to get an idea quickly.)
    • A percentage from 1 to 100 that the keyword phrase will likely get clicked on. (Organic CTR)
    • A short comment on what you would have to do to rank for each keyword phrase.
    • Questions people ask related to your keyword research theme.
    • Best website links to get for your best keyword phrase.
    • The best type of website links you should concentrate on for linking to your website.
    • Recommendations from me on what you should do to give your website the maximum performance it needs.
    • An in-depth analysis of how to use this information

Thank you for taking the time to read this and thank you even more if you contributed a comment on what you think of this idea. And of course, if you want a custom keyword research done you can contact me at any time.








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