How do you attract organic links and mentions with content?

  1. Do keyword research

    on what is the most searched for and popular (trending) thing to write about, then write about it.

  2. Find out popular questions asked on your topic that has not been answered yet or answered well enough using keyword research then answer it on your website.
  3. Develop a tool that people can use on your website then share it online. Like this mana calculator that I have on
  4. Put a quiz on your website that people can take then offer a badge that links back to your website so that people can add this badge to their website showing how proud you are of your score on the quiz.
  5. Put up reviews on your site and offer badges for people to display on other websites stating that they got a 5-star review from the such-and-such website. Rand Fishkin was the one that invented this on either Yelp or Yellow Pages. I forgot which.
  6. Review a product or make a recommendation of someone that contact that product maker or someone and mention that you mentioned them or their product in your blog and ask if they have any suggestions or comments. They may in turn link to you themselves if they like the blog post.



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