Can I post an article to 2 different article submission sites in a day?

Sure, but article marketing has pretty much died out a long time ago due to algorithm changes. If I were to do any article marketing today this is what I would do.

  1. Write the article on my website first.
  2. Wait for Google to index it. You can make this happen quicker by getting links to your article from social media accounts and other external websites. The reason for this is that if your article starts ranking you would want your website to be listed first and be deemed as the most authoritative source for your website.
  3. Submit your article to one or two article websites with a high domain authority (DA). It would be especially helpful if you submit it to a website that only publishes articles on the article you wrote about.

Here are some things to look for when thinking of publishing to an article directory.

  • Are there a lot of ads on the website?
  • Does it have a low DA (domain authority) or low PA (page authority)?
  • Are there many other external links on the same page where your link is going to be? The more links on the page, the lower the authority of your link on the page.



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