Marketing Your Website

Where do you start? What do you do?

Target Customer

First of all you have to identify your target customers and find out what they want and need. You can do this by examining your stats, sending out questionnaires, examine demographics of your customers such as age, income, type of work, etc.

Your Goals

Second, you have to determine your goals. Usually it is, “I want to make more money.” Okay, let’s get more specific. How do you want to make more money? Then you can reply by saying, “Selling more product” or “getting more contacts so I can talk to them on the phone” or “download by informational ebook” etc.

Combine Your Target Customers with Your Goals

By knowing your target customer and your goals you can put the right combination together to give them what they need by sending them down the right marketing funnel to help them achieve your goals as well. For example what if your target customer is an executive that has little time but is not afraid to spend a little money. You can send them down the marketing  funnel of giving them brief information in the format of twitter updates and blog mentions that they can visit then entice them to learn more (remember people visit your site 7 or 8 times before making contact). Then put a CTA (call to action) button at the end of each blog post or twitter signature that asks them to download a podcast (audio message) to listen to for free.

Since most people like free they will do that and since it is a podcast they can listen to it while driving their car (remember your target customer is busy and has very little time on his hands). I fall into this category and if you want to learn what type of persona these people are like you can purchase books (I will put recommendations of books on this website later) to learn or seek out someone of that persona and just interview them. In the podcast they download if they like the free bit of information that you supply them you can offer them to purchase the whole course by calling or visiting your website. (Remember if they are busy they will more than likely call and they can do that right away while listening to your podcast and driving). It is always good to strike the iron while it is hot, but only when the iron is ready. You can read more about the why’s behind this by reading my post on inbound marketing versus interruption marketing.

This is a brief example of how the right kind of marketing can help you and this website will be growing with a ton of helpful information in time to come along with books, audio programs, and courses that I will recommend. In the meantime sit back and enjoy yourself and read what I have on the website so far. Accept my future apology if I cannot update information on the website right away because unfortunately I DO fall into the category of having little time on my hands and being very busy.