Reviews of the best Digital Marketing Software

This article is going to go over the best digital marketing software out there that you can use for your marketing campaign. Keep checking back to view this article as I will be adding reviews and making comments on a continuous basis.

Here are the steps that I have outlined for the basic digital marketing campaign on what to do. Next, I will try out various digital marketing platforms to see how they do in each area.

Digital Marketing Software
Digital Marketing Software
  • Website Grader
    • Bad Backlinks
    • Bad Previous SEO work
    • Speed Performance
    • Linking Strength
    • Ranking Strength
    • Domain and Page Strength
    • UX Design
    • Content Readability
    • Content Grammar and Spelling
  • Search Engine Optimization
    • Insights and Suggestion Tools
    • Keyword Opportunities
    • Increase DA Tools and Suggestions
  • Competition Analysis
    • Backlinks
    • What they Rank On
    • Traffic
    • Paid Ad Campaigns
    • Domain Strength
    • Page Strength
    • Website Layout
    • Website Content
    • How they Rank
    • Link Intercepts (Shared Backlinks)
    • Shared Keyword Rankings
  • Keyword Research
    • Find keyword volume
    • How hard it is to rank
    • Click-Through Rate (CTR)
    • SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) Features
  • Find Business Leads
    • Find Contact Info
    • Find Leads that Support You
  • Link Building
    • Check Backlinks
    • Check the Strength of Backlinks
    • Check to See if Backlinks are Spammy
    • Create Disavow Link List
    • Anchor Text of the Backlinks
    • List of Inbound Links
    • List of Outbound Links
    • List of Following vs No-Follow Links
    • Examine Linking Profile
    • Suggestions on How to Get Links
    • Collect Citation Links via Industry-Specific Directories
    • List Website in Comparative Shopping Sites
    • Collect Testimonials and Submit them to Review Websites
    • Find Mentions of Business/Website to get Links From
  • Content Marketing
    • Answer Questions Found from Keyword Research
    • Create Content for Long-Tail Keyword Searches
    • Create Viral Content to Prompt People to Link to You
    • Create Landing Pages for Paid Ads
    • Create Pages to Help you Rank in Specific Geographic Areas
    • Get Alerts about Upcoming Alerts on Hot News and Topics
    • Tools that Show General Emotion Towards Specific Topics
    • Tools that Test the Readability of Your Content.
  • Email Marketing
    • Organize Your List of Business Leads
    • Keep Track of Emails Received, Opened, and Clicked
    • Handle Email/Newsletter Subscribers
  • Social Media Marketing
    • Find Sources of Social Media
    • Create Likes and Shares for Content
    • Collect Data of Social Media Website Visitors
    • Find Current Trends/Topics in the Social Media World
    • Promote Networking in Q&A Websites and Forums
  • Paid Advertising
    • Ad Research
    • Create Ads
    • Monitor Ads
  • Monitor and Upkeep
    • Monitor Sales
    • Monitor Traffic
    • Create and Monitor Goals
    • A/B Testing for Conversion Optimization
    • Monitor Improvements
    • Monitor Rankings

The SEO Services that I am going to test out are Moz, SEMRush, Spyfu, Mangools, Long Tail Pro, WebCEO, SEOBook, DIIB, Ahrefs, Majestic SEO, Raven Tools, SERPstat, Ubersuggest, DeepCrawl, Group Buy SEO Tools, HubSpot, and SEO Powersuite.

Disclaimer: Some, but not all of these links contain affiliate links. As you read this post you will discover a fair and unbiased review on the digital marketing software that is discussed here.




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