Shipping Settings do not show up in Product Data in WooCommerce when editing Products

I had a customer contact me to troubleshoot why when orders are sent to ShipStation a certain product never reaches it and never shows up on the packing invoice.

So I looked at two products and compared them side by side.

As you can see under the product data when you go to edit the product the shipping option does not show up there. I looked at the shipping settings, adding products to shipping zones, etc., and could not find a reason. So I turned to Google and could not find an answer as to why the shipping setting disappeared and could not find one there either.

Hence, creating this post since the answer was not out there.

If you take a look at the comparison above once again you will see that one product was marked as virtual so the customer must have accidentally clicked on this. Once I unchecked it everything started working fine again.

Hopefully, this post will pop up and help someone down the road.







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