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Here are some customers from Marquette. Their websites were created to match their specific needs and match the ‘feel’ of their businesses. So if you are looking for Marquette Web Design give us a call so we can add you to our family!

Integrative Health Resources

Integrative Health Resources

Integrative Health Resources: PO Box 754, Marquette, MI

Natural Connections, formerly Integrative Health Resources, was formed in the summer of 2005 when two like-minded Marquette groups, The Holistic Connection, and the original Integrative Health Resources met and discovered they were on parallel paths, each with visions of connecting our local community with integrative practitioners and services.

The seeds to The Holistic Connection were planted in the spring of 2004. After months of planning meetings, core members; Barb Dupras, Frank Jeffries, Diana Oman, Lorraine Schwarz organized The Holistic Connection and by November 2004 hosted their First Holistic Buffet. The event was a total success and many “buffets” followed, as practitioners held monthly forums held at the Ramada Inn. Attendees experienced a wide variety of informative presentations and demonstrations by area practitioners throughout 2005.

Walker Furniture

Walker Furniture

Walker Furniture: 308 North M-553, Marquette, MI

The owner of Walker Furniture Marquette has retired and closed down his store. Walker Furniture has been open since 1880
They have been offering the highest quality home furnishings, bedding, wall hangings, lamps, clocks, and accessories in the Upper Peninsula since 1880. Although the product offerings have changed, their commitment to quality and satisfaction remains the same that has kept us a leader in the retail furniture business for many years.

That commitment is the reason so many Walker Furniture customers didn’t buy their furniture from anywhere else. Sure, they were a little off the beaten path, but they made sure that your experience shopping Walker Furniture Marquette was well worth the short, pleasant drive from Marquette or wherever your home is.

If you’ve shopped them before, you know what we’re talking about.

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