Web Design Near Me: Gladstone, MI

Web Design Near Me: Gladstone, MI

Nor-Fab Manufacturing: 3520 Sjoquist Drive Gladstone, MI

Since 1994 Nor-Fab Enterprises, Inc. has been providing high-quality sheet metal parts, fabrications, and services for a wide variety of industries.

Gladstone Eye Care

Gladstone Eye Care

Gladstone Eye Care: 20 S. 10th Street, Gladstone, MI

“At Gladstone Eye Care, we will evaluate the health of your eyes as well as the clarity of your vision. We prescribe glasses and contact lenses based on your specific needs. Did you know there are special lens designs to address different problems? We can find a lens that works for you. We will also evaluate your eye health. We can monitor your eyes for changes related to diabetes, cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and many other problems. Most problems are detectable before you notice vision loss, and we can monitor and treat eye disease to slow or halt the progression of vision loss. We work closely with our local eye surgeons as well, and can refer you when necessary.”

ProDav Marine: 1217 Michigan Ave. Gladstone, MI

The ProDav™ Swivel Davit System™ is the newest, most innovative way to load and launch your dinghy! With over 30 years of boating experience, we have used many different davit systems; all being too cumbersome or pricey. We wanted to design something simple and easy, of excellent quality, at an affordable and reasonable price. ProDav™ Swivel Davit System™ is the answer!


“That looks sick it rocks you rock literally. Great job mike chuck says it looks insane you blew our minds we are so excited. What great service too!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!! Sent from my MOTOROLA ATRIX™ 2 on AT&T”
– Kiely from Nor-Fab Manufacturing

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