Web Design Near Me: Channing, MI

Web Design Near Me: Channing, MI

One Community Through The Arts

One Community Through The Arts

P.O. Box 74 Channing, MI 49815

One Community Through the Arts was a non-profit organization that helped bring art to it’s surrounding areas.

One Community Through The Arts mission statement embraces the performing and graphic/visual arts by presenting quality family entertainment and educational opportunities for all ages. As a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of our children, we provide a much needed artistic benchmark. Founded in 1998 established programs included teaching, performing, and hosting visual/graphic arts and theater events.

The program was dedicated to young people for enhanced arts study. Partnered with The Association of Student Artists, Iron Mountain-Kingsford Community Schools, Dickinson County 4H, and the Michigan Council of the Arts & Cultural Affairs and National Endowment for the Arts this program serves the Tri-County Area.


“Not sure how all this works, but you’re doing such a grand job…REALLY IMPRESSED WITH THIS LAST WORK..dummies like myself it might help to have a line about double clicking the date to find info..when I first click it just made the calendar larger..boy was I surprised to find all the other information just by accident… aren’t you glad you have us as a client.” – Duane from One Community Through The Arts

“Hi Duane, You have one fantastic Web Site there and having a semblance of what it takes to put one together you have a very talented, artistic, Web designer. And you got one great deal there. I really like it. Your appeal to join the Braumart Center is very convincing; only if you have the Web Site viewers. I hope that someone can take that promotion to the general public. Maybe an all-encompassing production to get people to come and see it and maybe they will then get involved. The Haunted House segment was very good with the special font on the hyperlinks. And the photos always add to the enchantment. Well done, Duane.” – Tom commenting about the One Community Through The Arts Web Site

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