Local Listings and Ranking

Local Listings and Ranking

Increase your business information and brand awareness by listing your business information to the major aggregators that supply your information to hundreds of search engines, directories, and phone apps that your customers use the most!

By making sure that your business information is out there it has been proven to provide more traffic to your website and improve localized rankings.

Once you submit your business information we will scan the internet for:

  • Incomplete Information
    • Missing website addresses and phone numbers from listings online can keep people from becoming your customer! Incomplete information is found and corrected by us.
  • Inconsistent Information
    • 73% of consumers lost trust in a business and it’s brand if its listings contain wrong information. If your business relocated, is the old address still out there causing you to lose business? Or is it listed inaccurately online? What if your phone number has changed or the wrong phone number is used online? How many customers did you miss out on? Having accurate and consistent information tells the search engines that you are a legitimate business that deserves to be ranked. We will scour the internet for wrong information about your business and have it updated with the correct information.
  • Duplicate Information
    • Accidentally have two listings of your business helps improve you getting noticed. Right? Wrong! It actually hurts your rankings and makes the search engines think you are not a legitimate business and this can hurt your rankings! We will find the duplicate information found online and set up requests to have it removed for you.

Make sure that new directories, search engines, and customers can find your business online!

Cost $200 for the first year. If you want additional years it becomes $129/year.

Fill out this form so that you can rank locally for your business information.

Localized Business Submissions
Basic Information
Business Address
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Note: I can snag photos from your website if applicable.
Maximum upload size: 83.89MB
Maximum upload size: 83.89MB
Maximum upload size: 83.89MB
Additional Contact Information
Advanced Information

The information below is not required but the more that you can fill out that is applicable the better.
(This option is for businesses whose location is enclosed by a larger building or business-for example, a mall or big-box retailer.)
(A unique identifier for your business listing. It should be no more than 60 characters. Useful if you have multiple locations.)
After this form is filled out and submitted you will be redirected to a page where you can make the payment.

For more detailed information on the marketing we do you can visit https://rocksolidseo.com/digital-marketing-services/.

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