How can I get more traffic for my site?

I answered one similar to this from another post. You can read my answer and others’ answers here.

  • Promote it on social media.
  • Add your website to your business cards, invoices, newsletters, etc.
  • Answer questions on places like this.
  • Give free seminars to educate the general population and ask them to visit your website for more detailed information.
  • Provide detailed information on your website on a regular basis.
  • Ask people on relevant, but not competitive, websites to link to you and start a link building partnership with them.
  • Create an article on how-to websites that link back to your website.
  • Join forums and discussions answering questions without selling yourself helping people.
  • Create a useful much-needed tool on your website that people will want to use and link to.

There are many ways to do this. The only problem is finding the time to do it.

What are the possible reasons why some sites can gradually lose their search rankings over time?

There are a few different reasons. These are the ones that come to mind.

Trends: An example of this is that searches for “SEO” are growing smaller and being replaced by searches on “Digital Marketing”.

Stale Content: If you haven’t updated the content on your website in awhile the search engine bots will visit your website less frequently, index it less, and eventually your website will begin to lose ‘authoritativeness’ which will result in the drop of rankings.

Competition: Another website may step up the game and do a better job of ranking for the keyword phrases that you used to rank for. That is why SEO should be treated as a monthly budget just like any other advertising budget. It is not something that you do once and then think you are done. You have other competitor websites that DO NOT do this.

Why is organic traffic important?

I remember reading a statistic a few years back that organic traffic is more trusted. A Google ad will get clicked on 20% of the time while an organic search result will get clicked 80% of the time.

It just shows the authority of your website if it shows up in organic results.